Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen....COSMIC VOLUME # 73

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Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

SleepWellStudio Eindhoven The JaDaLand The Netherlands
Cosmic Volume Nr.73
Record Object 2014

You get the repeat you desire We have a situation here
The idea of a universe supplementary to this one sources from French thinker René Daumal's writings.

Daumal's well invested work in pataphysics explores the possible conditions in which exception is the rule. Through focussing on singular events, Daumal constructs his own universe, a universe that is related to, built on, but different from the one that accepts the common as the norm. Under the influence of the current ongoings in JaDaLand where the fictive and the real blends into one another, this project aims to expand on the boundaries of perception inviting its audience to a journey where they can individually decide for themselves. The project is dedicated to the ones who still can dream and who cultivate curiosity as pleasure.
The JaDaLand is a profundity and evanescence detached from reality and indicates a mystical state in which beauty is but a premise, something of an unknowable nature.
It’s not something that can be apprehended intellectually.
Rather it exists subjectively for the audience, beyond the mere visual level, if we say that observation is based on spatial perception, then the record-object is somehow related to pure continuous time ,it does not exist objectively but is the subjective experience of the human being who knows it.“

Box 23x23x4 cm. 9 vinylrecords glued together. A3 folded inlay with text.

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